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Experience - Passion - Innovation.

1985 my professional career started with the Thyssen Henrichshütte in Hattingen as head of the forging shop, the forging shop disposed about a 10MN, 25MN and 80MN Press and the steel plant was able to manufacture ingots up to 435mt for nuclear equipment. Some highlights were the forging of an extreme large flywheel for a Fusion-Reactor-Project for MIT and the forging of large D-Rings in Al-Alloy for the space shuttle (see publications IFM TERNI 1991) and the new VSG forging technique for large monoblock crankshafts with continuous grain flow (see publications IFM Chicago 1994).

1996 I changed to Saarschmiede GmbH in Völklingen. As head of the forging shop and later as technical managing director my passion was to renew and optimize the manufacturing processes, also for new products for Saarschmiede like retaining rings. I experienced a lot of visitors and I visited a lot of international customers in China, Japan, South Korea, USA, Russia, Brazil and in Europe (i.a.). I am a specialist for void closure forging with TER- and FM-method with optimized bite-shift-strategy, see also my publications.

In  total of I realized 71 publications as author or co-author (2 more are submitted to IFM 2022 Organization and accepted). I am member of the IFM-Steering group, representing German, Austrian and Scandinavian heavy forging equipment manufacturers and forgemasters.

My Logo is presenting the forging ratio of the passes of the first forging pass scenario (TER Thyssen Extreme Rectangular or FM Free of Mannesmann Effect) in the center line of a forging. For homogeneous void closure special bite shift strategy is a must, I dispose about the Know How and the special software for the layout of the forging plan for fullfilling this aim (see my publications). The application of the optimized bite shift plan results in better quality and homogeinity and less upsetting procedures and manufacturing costs (TER-FI or FM-FI Technology, the shortcut FI is representing "Free of Inhomogeneity"). 

Since the end of my professional career end of october 2018 I am free for interesting challenges as technical & managing consultant worldwide. I can revert to a database of 1357 Publications of all IFM- and ICRF-Conferences from 1954 until 2018 (see site DATABASE). The dependency of ingot manufacturing and forging on the forging quality is illustrated on the site INGOTMAKING. A table with relevant papers for excellent ingot making based on IFM- and ICRF-Conferences since year 2000 see site LITERATURE. My own publications mostly relating forging see site PUBLICATIONS.

The next IFM  International Forgemasters Meeting will be held in Milano - Italy 27-30 May 2024, see http://www.ifm2024.org/

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