Dr.-Ing. Dieter Bokelmann    
Experience - Passion - Innovation


  •  Profound Forging Know-How - Analysed Ingot making Know-How 
  •  General Consulting, Business Strategy, Production Planning
  •  Analysis of Manufacturing Processes, Process Engineering, Economics, Innovation
  •  Layout of special Bite shift Strategies for Void closure Forging and homogeneous Forging (TER-FI and FM-FI)
  •  Layout of complete forging Process with special Software
  •  Continuous Improvement (FMEA - Statistics - SPC -SIX SIGMA)
  •  Facility and Forging Equipment design
  •  Literature research on the field of forging and ingot making
  •  Interim Management (General Management - Temporary Projects - Investment Projects)
  •  Solution of general problems on the field of Mechanical Engineering 

        Email:       d.bokelmann@forging-consulting.com

- In case of market research studies or statistics please contact 

     Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Benedikt BLITZ - www.smr-premium.com

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